A charity registered in England and Wales registered charity No 1113328

Who we are

The U.K. based Veronica Awdry Charitable Trust (VACT) was set up in 2005.  It is registered with the Charity Commission and can benefit all charitable purposes in England and Wales.

What we do

We provide grants to other charitable organisations and individuals for charitable purposes. Whilst the Trust can benefit any charitable purpose in practice the VACT’s main areas of interest are:-

We also occasionally provide grants to charitable organisations that fall outside these areas of interest, but the focus generally remains on work that enhances the lives of people living in Devon.

We regret that applications for financial assistance for first degrees will be declined, and that we do not fund the purchase of electrical equipment.

Examples of grants made by us

During the financial year ended April 2018 funding was offered towards:

How to apply to us for funding

Please note when applying that the Trustees generally meet twice a year in late April and October. On occasion applications will be discussed between times to ensure a deadline is met but this can not be guaranteed.

If you are an individual please download the Application Form and send the completed form to us by post or e-mail.

Application form

If you are a charitable organisation please write to or e-mail us with details of your funding request. Requests for funding for a specified project will be given preference to requests for funding for your general charitable purposes.

Contact details

Post :

Veronica Awdry Charitable Trust,
c/o Anna Wensley Stock,
Northgate House,
SN10 1JX